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Class Action Cases

Chicago, Illinois

In many instances where a large group of people have suffered damages due to the actions of an individual, corporation, or government entity, the courts will allow the claims of each individual victim to be consolidated into one case, called a class action lawsuit. A class action case seeks to recover damages for all the plaintiffs in the class. If successful, all plaintiffs will share in the damages awarded.

Class action cases are particularly advantageous in situations where the damages suffered by each individual plaintiff are relatively small. By consolidating into a class action, it enables these victims to recover the compensation they deserve even though the value of damages to each plaintiff would not justify burdening the court with numerous individual lawsuits.

In addition, class action cases are an important way to hold large corporations accountable for their actions. Often, the total damage award to be split by the class of plaintiffs will be rather large and may serve as a deterrent for companies to engage in these actions in the future.

Experienced Class Action Lawyers

The attorneys at The Walner Group handle a wide range of class action cases, including:

Why Choose The Walner Group

The Walner Group has more than 35 years of experience handling complex class action cases. During this time, we have developed a strong track record of success. Our attorneys have recovered nearly $2 billion for our plaintiff classes, and we have participated in more than 10 cases which have recovered $100 million or more. On several of these cases, our attorneys served as lead or co-lead counsel.

While we are based in Chicago, our attorneys handle class action cases nationwide and have participated in claims filed in at least 17 states. Our attorneys have litigated both state and federal class action cases, and we have presented cases before the United States Supreme Court.

Class action litigation is highly complex and requires a large team of attorneys, support staff, and experts to achieve a successful outcome. The Walner Group’s size, experience, and resources will help give you the edge you need on your class action case.

Please contact The Walner Law Group today to schedule your free class action consultation. We serve class action clients nationwide from our offices in Chicago, Illinois.