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Consumer Law

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Illinois Consumer Law attorneysConsumer rights are often difficult to enforce, and unfortunately many unscrupulous businesses take advantage of this fact. These businesses often take actions that will improve their profits at the expense of the consumer because the trouble and expense of fighting to protect your consumer rights requires significantly more effort than is worthwhile based on the expected benefit.

As a result, many consumers will just go about their lives without trying to hold unethical businesses accountable for their actions. But while these small dollar amounts do not impact any one individual in a real way, they can add up to millions in profits for the business.

While there are still some instances where individuals will fight for their rights, the number of people willing to do so is relatively small compared to the number that choose not to fight. This has created a situation where dishonest businesses stand to make more money than they will lose by violating the rights of consumers.

Class Action Cases to Protect Consumer Rights

Fortunately, our government allows groups of injured consumers to join together as part of a class action lawsuit in order to hold these businesses accountable for their actions. In a class action lawsuit, one case is filed on behalf of a group of plaintiffs that have experienced similar damages based on the actions of the defendant. If the class action case is successful, a large damage award will be distributed in an equitable manner to all injured plaintiffs who joined the case.

While the cost of filing a consumer rights lawsuit is often not justified for an individual plaintiff who only suffered small-scale financial damages, a class action lawsuit which recovers damages for a large group of plaintiffs is much more justified. Additionally, it streamlines the process and relieves the burden that numerous lawsuits would place on our courts.

 Experienced Consumer Rights Class Action Representation

The Chicago class action attorneys at Harvey L. Walner & Associates have more than 35 years of experience handling a variety of complex consumer law cases involving:

Our attorneys have participated on numerous national class action cases, often as lead or co-lead counsel, which have resulted in approximately $2 billion in recoveries for our clients. We understand how consumer protection laws impact your case, and we have the experience necessary to handle cases in a wide variety of state and federal jurisdictions.

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