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Optical Disk Drive Products Antitrust Litigation

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Optical Disk Drive Products Antitrust Litigation

Date Filed: May 6, 2010
Court: U.S. District Court, District of Northern California
Type of Case: Antitrust
Case Number: 10-CV-02143
Status: Active
Company Name: Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, Hitachi


The case is directed around price fixing litigation against multiple companies.  The Multi-District Litigation allege a conspiracy among defendants to fix the prices of ODDs (Optical Disc Drives) and similar products in the violation of the Sherman Act and state antitrust law.

Attorneys with Walner Law believe these companies conducted anticompetitive business practices that eliminated market competitors to create over inflated prices for ODDs and products.

Walner Law Firm is representing consumers in the class-action lawsuit against the ODD companies named in this case.  If you purchased a product with an optical disc drive after November 1, 2005, you are encouraged to fill out the form below by clicking the link and emailing directly to our representing attorney, Jon Walner at [email protected]

The cut-off time for accepting authorization forms is March 10, 2013.

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